Cleaning Facilities

Proper brushing of teeth is mandatory at home but even if done properly of it doesn’t prevent the calculus from accumulating on your teeth.

This calculus can only be removed by doing scaling and polishing at the dental clinic.

Regular scaling sessions need to be done at 6 months intervals.

Leaving the calculus on your teeth for long periods will affect the gums which will be inflamed and bleed easily. Subsequently affecting the bone around the teeth which will resorb and after a while, this will result in the teeth being mobile. Preventing this from happening is easy by simply visiting the dentist twice a year for your regular checkup a cleaning.

There can be a lot of sides effects if it’s not be done by a Dental Specialist.

Side Effects of Teeth Scaling and Polishing

Scaling is a common dental procedure used to remove the plaque buildup in between the teeth and gums. Scaling is routinely performed in patients who have gum disease as their chief complaint. In gum disease, the attachment of the gum to the tooth gets loosened due to the plaque buildup in between, and it often causes swelling and bleeding of gums. So scaling is done to remove the plaque thereby reducing the swelling and bleeding, which paves the way for the reattachment of the gums to the tooth.

There are some scaling side effects besides its benefits. Here are some side effects attached to teeth scaling:

Teeth can be loosened due to inadequate teeth scaling. Beside this, you can lose multiple teeth after repeated scaling. Teeth scaling may be harmful to those individuals who have diabetes or cardiac diseases.

Many gum or periodontal diseases are caused by inappropriate teeth scaling. Mostly these are painless diseases but progressive. The accumulation of bacterial plaque beneath the gum line is the primary cause of the periodontal disease. To maintain periodontal health, the accumulation of bacteria and food debris must be prevented.

Teeth gum can be swollen and tender after scaling. Teeth become sensitive to hot or cold food after scaling. The gums begin to shrink due to inadequate scaling. This may result in bleeding of the gums. During the procedure, smoking should abstain for a few days.

Teeth polishing is also a dental procedure to enhance the whitening of the teeth. Many dentists believe that there is no health benefit involved in teeth polishing. This procedure is not resulting in any tooth decay, gum disease or oral cancer. Teeth polishing is not a routine part of a dental cleaning, so should be avoided.  

Modern tooth whitening procedures involved no significant side effects. A temporary sensitivity from consuming cold food or beverages is the most common side effect of teeth polishing. Teeth polishing may cause the soreness of the throat and white patches on gums. These are temporary side effects and do not persist for a long time after treatment.